I want chocolate.

So, my first week of eating healthy has been hard. The guys ask me to go to lunch with them every day. It kind of made me sad not going. I love being “one of the guys.” We laugh and prank each other. Lunch is a great time for us to tell each other all of the funny things that have happened during the day. Also, they’re calling me names for not going (which I totally expected, because it’s what we do lol). Here is how the meals went for the week:


Breakfast- one bite of god-awful apple and cinnamon oatmeal. That shit is nasty.

Snack- cucumbers (LOVE them)

Lunch-turkey on whole grain bread and mozzarella cheese stick


Dinner-cauliflower fried rice (AMAZING)


Breakfast- cottage cheese


Lunch-turkey on whole grain bread


Dinner-eggs and turkey bacon




Lunch-turkey bacon ranch wrap


Dinner-Steak from outback and baked potato (parents came to town)


Breakfast-cottage cheese

Snack- didn’t have one

Lunch- Mexican (yeah, I know)

Snack- none

Dinner-turkey bacon

All I have wanted since I’ve started this is a s’more lol

Work has been absolutely insane. The other day an offender actually started firing on our officers. It was a bad and scary situation. My offenders have all decided that they don’t want to act right. So, now I have hearings all next week. On the bright side…my weekend starts now!! I do not have to be back at work until Tuesday!! PARRTYYYY!!! hahaha

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

Stay out of trouble