Hello world!

Hey, everyone!

My name is Ali. I’m excited to start this blog! I plan on using this blog to chart my progress with my new, healthy lifestyle. I made the decision that I do not like being a fatass. So, instead of sitting around feeling depressed, I decided to do something about it. I’ve cleaned out my fridge and cabinets, and replaced the junk food with healthy food. I know that the only way this is going to work for me is if I plan out my meals, and do some meal prepping. I’m totally overwhelmed as to where to begin. So, if anyone has any tips or recipes that they would like to share…please, feel free! Encouragement is welcome, too.

A little about me: I am 24 years old (I will be 25 on June 19th.) I have two nieces that are my world. I am a huge Green Bay Packers fan. I write lyrics. I am obsessed with tattoos and piercings. I love my Glock. I will be graduating with my Master’s in December. I am a Parole Officer. I work 10 hour shifts. It’s been so convenient for me to just go to lunch with the guys, and choose something fast instead of healthy. However, now I will be packing my lunches for the work week. I work 7am-6pm, and I have been using the excuse that I do not have time to workout. Obviously, I do. I just feel so tired and drained after dealing with offenders all day that all I want to do when I get home is take a shower, eat, play with my dog (Kegger, a rat terrier), and sleep. However, a coworker and I have decided that we are going to use our lunch breaks to go to the gym, and then we will eat our packed, HEALTHY lunches when we get back to the office. I have also decided that I will exercise once I get home; prior to taking a shower and fixing supper. My career is a major factor in the decision I have made to live a healthier lifestyle. I absolutely need to be in shape and healthy for the job I do. Just last month, I spent 6 hours in the woods chasing two offenders that ran from us. My job is physical. I need to be able to chase people, and be able to fight offenders off of me or my partners if needed. I also want to lose weight so I can feel good about myself, and finally have some confidence. I just recently got divorced. I was in a very toxic relationship. He made me feel like the ugliest girl on the planet. He would compare me to other girls, and tell me to change things about myself so that I would look more like the girls he liked. He was abusive, and he broke me. I am nothing like the girl I was before I met him. That girl was happy, confident, and smart. I want to find that girl again. It’s going to take time. I’m hoping this change will help me learn to love myself again.

This was me when I first met my ex-husband:

1237719_235129476636033_1672340348_n I wasn’t skinny then, either…but I had a lot more confidence.

This is me now:

BeFunkdey_OrtonStyle_1 I’ve gained about 25 lbs. NOT COOL.

It’s time for my fatass to get fit! Encouragement is more than welcome!

Now, I’m going to pack my lunch for tomorrow.

Talk to y’all soon 🙂